This AEC Routemaster 406 Reigate LT Garage Diecast Model Bus is Green and has working wheels and also comes in a display case. It is made by Corgi and is 1:76 scale (approx. 15cm / 5.9in long). As a consequence of bus deregulation in 1986 - many new operators outside of London - as well as several traditional operators - took to the iconic AEC as a cheap and reliable vehicle to protect - or develop - their routes and services. By 1990 - London Country South West had adopted the fleet name of 'London & Country' - but the name of the company was not officially changed until 1993. London & Country acquired RM1183 from Southend Transport later that year and used it on Surrey Schools' route 418 initially - whilst still in Southend livery. Graduating to Christmas shopper services on routes 406 and 408 - the full London & Country two-tone green livery was applied - in probably the finest livery carried by an AEC. Operating on a Leatherhead based routes 406 - 408 - 410 - 414 and 473 during 1994 - as well as the Surrey Hills leisure buses - at the end of 1994 183 CLT was overhauled and repainted into Lincoln green. Sold on to Nostalgiabus for use on route 306 - Kingston to Epsom - it was destroyed in an arson attack during December 1997.
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