New BMW Models In! 


BMW 325i 4-Door E30 - Ottomobile 

Ottomobile have brought back a classic with their new BMW 325i 4-Door E30, the original version of the BMW M3 E30. A more ‘basic’ version of the M3, but sharing a lot of the same stunning design. The 325i 4-Door E30 was produced from 1985 to 1993 and had a hefty 168bhp in a propulsion-based engine. 


This 1:18 scale model from Ottomobile comes in a limited edition Dolphin Grey and is roughly 24cm long.



BMW Z3 M Coupe 3.2 - Ottomobile

A more contemporary release from Ottomobile is the BMW Z3 M Coupe 3.2. This coupe version of the Z3 followed the roadster version and was released in 1999 and featured four exhaust ports which made for an unforgettable sound. The 6 cylinder engine holds some serious power with its 321bhp.


This 1:18 scale model from Ottomobile comes in a limited edition of 2000 and is Estoril Blue.

BMW 600 - Schuco

The BMW 600 is sure to be one of the most unique vehicles in any collection, essentially being a stretched out Isetta with four seats. It’s still a wonder how they crammed all the features into this microcar, but it has some nice lines and that unforgettable front door.


This 1:43 scale model from Schuco comes approximately 9cm long and is Red and White.

BMW KR6 - Autocult

The BMW KR6 is a one of one custom race car built by Eugen Stosser and was sold to a BMW employee in 1936 who began to alter the car into a road version and fitted a new BMW engine. The car was driven on the roads until the 40s until it was sold on a few times before the car ended up in America, and was then brought back to Germany at last in 2008 and was declared the “find of the year in 2019." 


This 1:43 scale model from Autocult comes approximately 10cm long and is Red.