Police Vehicles

Our range of police vehicles spans through multiple decades and countries. Meaning you’ll find some familiar vehicles and some you may never have seen before! They make a perfect gift for those who work for the police or are enthusiastic about police cars, and are available from as low as £11.99.


The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4 was first commissioned by the Sussex Police in June of 1993. It had a livery that was unique to the Sussex Police and became quite popular with the staff. The car was an economical option when not driven hard, and was a very successful Police car with the exception of an issue with the catalyst filling with oil if the car was left ticking over for too long.

This model is by Vanguards and comes in 1:43 scale.



In December of 2004, the Italian Polizia di Stato were gifted two Lamborghini Gallardos for the force’s 152nd anniversary. Sadly both original Gallardos were destroyed in the course of duty. The Gallardos were deployed in the Traffic Police but also were used to transport emergency body organs for transportation.

This model was produced for use in a collectors magazine and is available in 1:43 scale.




The Dodge Charger is an iconic American car, it’s no surprise the police adopted the car into the force in 2005. The Police tuned chargers had upgraded heavy duty brakes, severe-duty cooling system, performance-tuned steering and a gear shifter mounted on the steering column. 

This model is produced by New-Ray toys and comes in 1:24 scale. 

The Volkswagen Beetle, or Volkswagen Type 1 was one of the most successful cars of all time, selling over 21 million units. The car was adopted by the German police and used for years of service in a classic green and white livery with a simple blue siren on top. The VW Type 1 Police version was considered to be a symbol of peace. 

This model is produced by Schuco and is available in 1:32 scale.