Jurassic Park From The Noble Collection

With the fifth film of the iconic Jurassic Park (now Jurassic World) franchise due for release this June, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the newest addition to The Noble Collection: Jurassic Park. Before the release of the first film in 1993, no one had ever seen CGI like the groundbreaking special effects that saw Jurassic Park pick up an Oscar and a BAFTA for its perfectly executed innovations. Michael Chrichton and David Koepp adapted the former's 1990 novel into a screenplay, that was surely too ambitious to put into production, but like life, Steven Spielberg found a way. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) were the visual effects company tasked with bringing this idea to life, and it's safe to say they did a pretty good job, considering Jurassic Park is still thought to have some of the best CGI ever. The reverence comes not only from the quality of the finished product, but the new 3D texturing tools and animation effects that were created in the process, and would change blockbuster film making for ever.

Almost 30 years after Jurassic Park changed the world of cinema, Jurassic World Dominion sees Sam Neill (as Alan Grant) and Laura Dern (as Dr. Ellie Slater) return to the franchise for the first time since 2001. Although the sequels have not had the best reception, the franchise remains well-loved and the prospect of a new film with returning original cast definitely still arouses excitement amongst fans across the world. 

To further fuel the fire of Jurassic Park excitement The Noble Collection have added the franchise to their ever-growing range. With a combination of highly detailed models, and iconic prop replicas, The Noble Collection is one of the premium brands for film collectors, and their Jurassic Park selection doesn't disappoint. The Jurassic Park Chess Set features 32 carefully crafted dinosaur chess pieces on a special Jurassic Park chess board and all comes in a branded box making it a must have for any Jurassic Park fan. 

jurassic park film chess set noble collection dinosaurs t.rexjurassic park film chess set noble collection dinosaurs t.rex
The Jurassic Park Chess Set
jurassic park velociraptor t.rex statue diorama film noble collection jurassic park velociraptor t.rex statue diorama film noble collection
Jurassic Park T. Rex and Velociraptor Statues

Jurassic Park is a film full of memorable moments and we all have our favourites. Two of the most popular moments have been recreated in the form of highly detailed diorama statues. The T. Rex scene in the main visitors centre brings the film to a dramatic and ironic climax. The T. Rex statue captures this well with nice details like the 'When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth' banner hanging down in front of the T. Rex amongst the rubble it reduced the visitor centre to in the film's final stand off. Another icon of the film are the Velociraptors, and along with the commonly quoted "clever girl" scene, Lex and Tim being chased through the kitchens by Velociraptors is as legendary as it gets. The film almost becomes a horror during this intense chase. You can't help but think back to that scene when you see the two Velociraptor figures causing chaos in the nicely detailed kitchen diorarma.

Judging by the start of the Jurassic Park range by The Noble Collection, it's time to get excited for what's surely to come. It's certainly put me in the mood for a Jurassic Park marathon!


The Jurassic Park excitement has really taken over as the unfortunately we have already sold out of the Veloceraptor and the Dilophosaurus Statues, so make sure to grab a T. Rex while you can, and keep an eye on our social media and join our email list to keep up to date with our restocks and any new items.