The Noble Collection
The Noble Collection are giants of the film collectible industry who are well known for their brilliantly crafted prop replicas, plushes, wands and more. This collection features some of the biggest film franchises from around the world.

The standout franchise amongst The Noble Collection's vast range of film collectibles are those from the Harry Potter franchise. Collectibles from the Harry Potter universe take pride of place at the centre of our own film collection at the Mini Model Shop, and we are going to dive into more detail with a look at our newest Harry Potter film collectibles from Noble.

Character Wands
The character wand collection come in high quality boxes and come with character name clips to that allow you to present your favourite character's wands with pride. One of the newest character wands in our collection is the Dolores Umbridge wand. The box for this wand is bright pink as a refernece to her love of all things pink and comes with a golden name clip. The wand itself replicates the unique swirl-like design of the wand with the pink gem in the middle.

Olivander Wands
The Olivander's wand box collection come in authentic boxes to replicate the boxes seen in Olivander's shop featured in the films. Our latest Olivander's box wand is a replica of Draco Malfoy's wand, capturing the understated brown and black design. The gold-coloured Olivander box includes a decorative ribbon with the wand contained sfaely in velvet-like padding.

Window Box Wands
The window box collection surround the clear window through to the wand with a character themed design with images of the characters themselves included. The distinctive bone-coloured wand of Voldermort himself is the latest to be replicated and added to our growing window box collection. He who shall not be named is featured on the box design above the window through to his uniquely styled wand.

Prop Replicas
Every Harry Potter fanatic can collect their favourite moments of the Harry Potter films with the Noble Collection prop replicas. As with all beloved films, there are scenes that particularly stick with you for years after seeing them for the first time. Prop replica film collectibles capture and represent these movie moments and turn them into display pieces so you can revisit them as you please.

The Noble Collection continue their form when it comes to a varied and high quality selection with their Harry Potter prop replicas. For instance, the Interactive Sorting Hat is not only accurate in capturing the look and the grumpy nature of the real thing, but it also has working sound and will make sure to put you into the right Hogwarts house.

More typical prop replicas come in the form of the miniature Goblet of Fire replica that oozes detail with finely carved markings giving it the look of the Goblet of Fire itself. A similarly high level of detailing can be found on the gold plated Time Turner prop replica which is topped off with a premium display box to make it the perfect piece for any Harry Potter collection.

The Harry Potter range from The Noble Collection covers all bases, which is proved by the extensive range of creature plushes catering to  Harry Potter fans of all ages. Typical of The Noble Collection, their plushes are nicely made and packed with character, making for an adorable collection.

Hedwig is an icon of the franchise and one of the most popular characters when it comes to film collectibles. Hedwig is a main feature when it comes to plushes too, and the newest Hedwig plush is as cute as ever and comes with poseable wings to bring life to the much-loved owl.

Harry Potter super-fans can immerse themselves in everyday life with Harry Potter accessories. The Hogwarts House-themed pens are nicely designed in each house colour with an intricately crafted house mascot attached to the end, so whether you're a Slytherin faithful or Gryffindor for life, you can represent your house everyday.

Harry Potter may be amongst the biggest film franchises in the world, but ofcourse it all started with the books that took the world by storm and sold millions and millions of copies across all corners of the globe. The Noble Collection have the perfect new accessory to make your personal Harry Potter books stand out in your bookcase. The Dobby Bookend is another high quality and hand painted resin piece that depicts everybody's favourite house elf with love and care and captures the immense personality of Dobby perfectly.

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Our collection of Harry Potter collectibles made by Noble is extensive and ever-growing. We love The Noble Collection as we feel that they produce intriguing collectibles that are made for Harry Potter fanatics, by Harry Potter fanatics. There are endless options of immersive Harry Potter collectibles to explore, so head over to our Harry Potter page for a closer look.

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