AUTOart Models - Brand Spotlight

Model cars are immensely popular amongst car lovers, whether you want to get a replica of your own car or collect the dream cars that you would love to own one day. AUTOart diecast models are arguably the highest quality models on the market. As part of the Gateway Global company, AUTOart models have been produced since 1998, and in the last 25 years AUTOart have produced high-end replicas of some of the most desirable super cars and sports cars, as well as a good selection of race cars. So, what makes AUTOart models so special? Well, we’re going to take a closer look.

What’s special about an AUTOart Model?

AUTOart Models - High Level of Detail

Model cars in the 1:18 scale tend to gradually increase in detail and quality with each incremental step up in price. The quality difference is obvious when you compare AUTOart models with models from different tiers on the pricing ladder. However, in terms of aesthetic, the detail of both the exterior and interior of a model vehicle changes more subtly as you get further up the pricing ladder, and different brands have different strengths and weaknesses when compared to one another. AUTOart models are renowned for occupying one of the top spots on the ladder in terms of model vehicle detail and accuracy across the model car industry.

Let’s take a look at what makes an AUTOart model stand out from the crowd. Many 1:18 scale models at the lower end of the detail/price ladder will resemble the real thing from a distance, matching the basic details, shapes and lines in the design of the car. However when you take a closer look, you may see that the panels or the wings don't quite line up correctly, or that the panels themselves in isolation do not resemble that of the real car to any greater extent than the basic shape. This can also apply to the paintwork; you may find imperfections as well as the colour itself being slightly off and not quite a colour match for the real thing. With 1:18 scale models that fall into the mid-range for pricing and detail (£80-£120), the individual parts are finely shaped and modelled to match the real car with more smaller pieces and details, and the paintwork is nicely applied with a fairly accurate finish. The enhanced clarity and detail will still diminish when you start to look at the smallest components. This is where AUTOart models come in. The smallest details that define each individual car are captured, along with accurate colour matching for the paintwork and detailing. The quality and care is continued with the interior of the AUTOart models, with the logos in the leather interior and appropriately coloured upholstery giving the models the complete look. AUTOart models come closer than any to replicating the real thing, and the smallest features that you notice when you take a closer look all come together to complete a model of the highest quality.

Diecast Models with Opening Parts

When a model comes with opening parts, it adds life to the car, achieving a higher level of authenticity. The time, money, and skill put into the model production process is vital when it comes to opening parts. The mechanics of opening the doors, boot, bonnet, etc. can be affected on lower priced models, with the potential of the doors not quite fitting right, or the hinges making the doors swing open. With AUTOart models, opening parts see the high standards in quality and detail found in the rest of the model maintained. For instance: the Ford GT 64 Heritage comes with opening boot, bonnet, and scissor doors. You can see the eye for detail that goes into the model when the parts are open; with each curve, vent and varied piece of paintwork that makes up the model isolated on each door. Added aspects, like the working rear wing on the Ford GT, bring through the character of the car and reflect the research and great lengths that AUTOart go to make a model look as realistic as possible. Full opening parts also give you more display options, so if you fancy showing off the finely crafted engine, you can.

AUTOart Models - Interior

Once the doors are open, you can see that the quality and care is continued with the interior of the AUTOart models. Small features like manufacturer logos stitched into the seats and notable colour and texture changes on the dashboard, set AUTOart apart from most model manufacturers here too. In terms of interior, the models from lower price brackets will tend to have generic interiors that are all one colour that are not specific to each car. With AUTOart models, the interior is given as much importance as the exterior; with the detailed replica engines and upholstery unique to each car, the details inside AUTOart models add to the long list of features that make these models so collectable, whilst making them even more of a spectacle to behold.

Why Collect AUTOart Models?

It's all well and good producing the most detailed model cars on the market, but if the choice of model available is low then putting together your own collection may not be worthwhile. Not so with AUTOart. Their vast array of different makes and marques means that there is certainly no issue when choosing the right model. AUTOart's collection of model cars is the main event: from super cars, sports cars, hatchbacks, muscle cars, 4x4s and more, you can vary your collection or focus on models of all your favourite marques. AUTOart models present the perfect opportunity to own the cars that you've always wanted in real life; to see what it is like to have a perfectly formed Lamborghini or McLaren to gaze at for hours.

With the AUTOart model race car collection, the detail allows you to see what these incredible cars are like from top to bottom, inside and out. There is an added challenge for AUTOart when it comes to producing the extended wings with extra vents to account for, as well as the paintwork that is required, especially with cars with complex liveries with a high level of sponsors, and they are more than equal to the challenge.

AUTOart Composite Models

AUTOart innovated composite models for maximum cost efficiency in the model production process, whilst retaining and refining the outstanding level of detail in each model. The addition of composite model cars to the range initially met with some controversy amongst model car lovers, but as they have continued with this process over the years, the quality of AUTOart composite models has remained and improved in time. So, what are composite models? Made mainly of plastic, composite models are more affordable than diecast models as the manufacturing process is more cost effective, whilst being typically less durable and not quite as detailed. However, AUTOart developed what is called ABS injected composite models which has proved to be a game-changer in model car development. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic polymer that combines a cocktail of materials to allow for high levels of durability as well as providing more accuracy in executing the finer details of a replica model. AUTOart composite models are more cost effective to produce whilst maintaining an outstanding level of quality and detail due to AUTOart's unique ABS injection process.

AUTOart Model Size

AUTOart models are mostly made in 1:18 scale with a few 1:43 and 1:12 scale models sprinkled in over the years. 1:18 scale models are very popular with model car collectors as they allow for plenty of detail and opening parts, and also fit nicely on a shelf and do not require too much room to be displayed. The 1:18 AUTOart models range from 20cm to 25cm in length depending on the vehicle, with as much detail as possible packed into each centimetre. The size of the 1:18 scale AUTOart models allows the detail to be equally as noticeable both from a distance and from up close.

There are few model collections you can put together that are as special as AUTOart. We are proud to say that at the Mini Model Shop we have a great selection of AUTOart models, so you can start your collection straight away by clicking here.